Continuous Education & Training all Grades EMT, Paramedic, AP

Continuous Training & Education catagory is designed to assist and aid with the standardisation of learning.

This category of training is aimed at all Clinical Staff regardless of grade or Qualification.

The aim is to have a user friendly and easily accessed learning platfor for continuous education. 

Compact 2 Track Chair

General Guidelines for Use:

Two trained operators are required when the Chair is being used to transport a patient on stairs.

Improper use of the chair can cause injury. Use the chair only for the purpose described in this manual.

Always inform the patient before a manoeuvre.

One operator can safely use the chair on flat surfaces including single steps and thresholds etc. but this must be at the discretion of the operator who must assess all likely conditions

One operator can safely load/unload a patient using the Chair from a vehicle fitted with a ramp or automatic tail lift or other approved lifting mechanism, with second operator on stand-by.

Circumstance such as access, weather conditions or patient weight may require additional help when operating on stairs; this must be assessed at the time and ensure a TILE assessment is completed.

Keep the load limit of the Chair in mind when working with a heavy patient. If it suspected that the load limit has been exceeded then a full inspection of the Chair should be conducted, preferably by Fern Service Technician.

Operators must take extra precautions when operating the Chair on uneven or soft ground.

Extra precautions, and risk assessment should be taken to prevent the Chair from slipping in adverse, wet or icy weather conditions.

Stay with the patient and hold the Chair at all times while always using the patient restraints provided.

Always follow good lifting procedures as specified in your current manual handling regulations and your appropriate training manual.

Follow standard emergency patient-handling procedures when operating the Chair.

Medical advice is beyond the parameters of the manual.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure safe practices for both themselves and the patient.

Procheck Advance Multi-Functional Monitoring System

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) is introducing a new Glucometer system that has the capability of also measuring Ketones.  The intended use is in conjunction with current Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) by health care professionals such as NAS PHECC Registered Practitioner in a clinical setting as an aid to monitoring the effectiveness of  patient management.  It is intended to be used for the quantitative measurement of glucose and ketones in fresh whole blood samples and from venous whole blood.