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Cookies and Local Storage are standardised ways for a website to store a small text file in your browser, and National Ambulance Service College uses both of them to make the experience of using the site easier for you. Cookies and Local Storage are neither a virus nor spyware.

National Ambulance Service College uses Session Cookies to distinguish you from other users of the website. These cookies are necessary for National Ambulance Service College to work for you. They provide you with seamless access as you move from one area of the site to another based on your session login. Once your session ends these cookies forget about you.

National Ambulance Service College uses Local Storage to keep track of the progress you have made within each learning programme. They will remain in your web browser after you have logged off, and allow you to continue a learning programme at the point you previously ended it next time you log on.

You may delete cookies or other storage from your browser at any time you like by visiting your web browser settings.


Our Terms & Condition

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The information accessible through The National Ambulance Service College Website has been compiled from many sources that are not all controlled by the National Ambulance Service College. While all reasonable care has been taken in the compilation and publication of the contents of this web site, the National Ambulance Service College makes no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy or suitability of the information or materials contained in this resource.

Access to and use of the information herein is entirely at the risk of the user. The National Ambulance Service College shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, to the user or any other third party for any damage resulting from the use of the information contained or implied in the National Ambulance Service College Website .

The National Ambulance Service College does not assume legal or other liability for any inaccuracy, mistake, mis-statement or any other error of whatsoever nature contained herein. The National Ambulance Service College hereby formally disclaims liability in respect of such aforesaid matters.

The information contained within this site is of a condensed and general informational nature only and can change from time to time. It should not, by itself, be relied upon in determining legal rights or other decisions. Visitors to the site are advised to verify, by direct and live contact with the National Ambulance Service College, any information on which they may wish to rely.

The National Ambulance Service College has endeavored to attribute copyright or other intellectual rights to the rightful owners where such course has been appropriate. Where any attribution has been missed or overlooked the National Ambulance Service College, on being informed, will correct this omission.

By proceeding into the the National Ambulance Service College Website you are accepting these Terms and Conditions


Our Privacy Policy

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National Ambulance Service College Moodle Privacy Policy


We are the National Ambulance Service College, ("NASC") of the 3rd Floor, The Rivers Building, Belgard Square West, Tallaght Cross, Dublin 24, D24 XNP2 and Creagh, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, H53 E6N6.  All references to "we", "us", or "our" shall be construed to mean National Ambulance Service College.


When We Act as Controller and Processor

The National Ambulance Service College will be acting as the "Controller" of the personal data you provide directly to us via a “Registration” form, when creating an account, or via other contact methods such as through the Operational Management of the Health Service Executive (HSE), National Ambulance Service (“NAS”).  You are not required to provide your personal information for purposes of navigating through the public areas of our Moodle ( website.

If you are an employee or an authorised user of one of our affiliates which have entered into an agreement with us for the provision of our services, we will be acting as the "Processor" of your personal data transmitted by our affiliate.  Our affiliate will be acting as Controller of your information.  As processor, we do not own, control, or direct the use of any data provided to us by our affiliate which act as Controllers.


Personally Identifiable Information

"Personally Identifiable Information" (or "PII") refers to contact information that directly or indirectly tells specifically who you are, such as your name, phone number, email, postal address, or any other information that could be linked to you with reasonable effort.  We do not collect sensitive information such as location information (GPS), racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, or data concerning health.

Passively or Automatically Collected Data

Passively or automatically collected data (referred to as "Usage Data") is collected as you use this website.  We, our affiliated entities, and our HSE partners may use automated means to collect various types of information about you, your computer or other device used to access this site, its services, related applications, and downloads.  This information is based on your usage of this site and may be based on your visitation to other websites.  Usage Data is essentially anonymous when collected, but could be used indirectly to identify a person.


Why We Need Your Data

We need to know the PII you provide to us directly in our capacity as controller for purposes of participating on our learning platform and responding to your inquiries.  In addition, we need to know your PII to send you emails for other specific purposes and for sharing your PII for purposes as described in the Information Sharing and Disclosure section below.  We also need to know the PII of authorised users of our affiliates when we act in our capacity as processor for purposes of managing the authorised use of our services.


How We Collect and Use Your Data

The NASC collects PII directly from you when you register and participate on our learning platform. In addition, we collect data when you make an inquiry eg via email.  Before collecting your PII, you will have the option to give or withhold your consent for our sending you email including our use of your PII for educational, course, or programme specific delivery of services.  You may withdraw your consent at any time.

The NASC uses third-party applications in Moodle to add firmographic information to the data we collect from you.  This data enhancement allows us to provide more helpful, personalised communication.

We may make full, unrestricted use of Usage Data for any purpose in our sole discretion, including without limitation, invitations for participation and content made available to you based on your visits to and/or usage of this site or its services, and to analyse the performance, offers and content, as well as your interaction with them.


How Long We Keep Your Data

We will not retain your PII for longer than required.  This means that we will keep your PII for any or a combination of time periods described as follows but for no longer than 4 years

(i)               for as long as required by law,

(ii)             until we no longer have a valid reason for keeping it,

(iii)            until you request us to stop using it, or

(iv)            for so long as our affiliate for which you are an authorised user remains.  In addition, we retain your Personally Identifiable Information to preserve history in the E-Learning community and to provide the ongoing ability to participate. When we delete your PII from our databases, it will remain in our backup system until it cycles out.



Information Sharing and Disclosure


General Disclosure Policy.

We may share and disclose your PII as described below.  We may share and disclose Usage Data without restriction, including without limitation, as described below.  Please contact us at to opt out of all information sharing.


Affiliated Entities.

We may provide your PII and Usage Data to any affiliated entities we may have, including our HSE Partners, ie University College Cork.  Affiliated entities are entities with whom we have formalised arrangements.



We may provide access to your PII and Usage Data to our trusted sub-processors that assist us with the operation and maintenance of this site.  For example, we may contract with third parties to process payments, host our servers, provide security, and provide production, fulfillment, optimisation, analytics, reporting, and software maintenance and development services.  In addition, our sub-processors will be given access to your information only as is reasonably necessary to provide the services for which they are contracted.


Compelling Obligations.

Except for sharing your information as described in this Information Sharing and Disclosure Section, the National Ambulance Service College will not disclose information about you or the contents of your communications unless compelled to do so in the good-faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary:

(a) to comply with the law;

(b) to comply with legal process;

(c) to enforce our terms and conditions;

(d) to respond to claims that any content violates the rights of third parties;

(e) to protect the NASC’s interests regarding its property, including without limitation its intellectual property.


Cookies and Opt-Out Procedures.

As per Cookie Policy



We may participate with third party analytics partners to monitor and analyse Web traffic and to keep track of user behaviour on this site.

Google Analytics (Google) - Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google utilises the data collected to track and examine the use of this site, to prepare reports on its activities, and to share them with other Google services.


Your Rights.

You may contact us to find out if we are processing your PII.  If we are, you can ask us what Personally Identifiable Information of yours we hold and what we do with your data.  If you would like, we can also provide you (or, where technically feasible, your chosen third party) with a copy of any PII that we hold about you, subject to a fee specified by law (not to exceed the reproduction cost of such document).


In addition, you may:

(i) request access to and rectification or erasure of your PII,

(ii) withdraw your consent at any time. If you provide a notice to us regarding your exercise any of the above rights, we will forward your notice to other authorised parties which are holding and processing your PII, where appropriate.


Links to Other Websites

This site may contain links to other websites operated by our partners.  If you do click on any of the links to their websites or accept any of their promotional offers, your click-through information and any information that you provide in the process of registration or purchase will be transferred to these sites.  We have no responsibility or liability for the policies and practices of these sites.  You should be careful to review any privacy policies posted on any of these sites before providing information to them.


Do Not Track Requests

Some Web browsers incorporate a "Do Not Track" feature that signals to websites that you visit that you do not want to have your online activity tracked.  Each browser communicates "Do Not Track" signals to websites differently, making it unworkable to honour each and every request correctly.  In order to alleviate any communication error between browsers and website, we do not respond to "Do Not Track" signals at this time.  As the technology and communication between browser and website improves, we will re-evaluate the ability to honour "Do Not Track" signals and may make changes to our policy.


Inquiries and Complaints

If you have any inquiries or complaints about our use of your PII, please let us know.  You can contact us at any time via your Profile Page on the site, and we will take reasonable steps to respond to you in a timely fashion.